Publications & Articles

  • Malpractice Claims
    How To Recognize a Legal Malpractice Claim
    Journal of the National Association of Bankruptcy Trustees
    Fall 2014
  • I Heard What You Said.
    You Didn’t Say Anything.
    Southern Distinction Magazine, July 2013
  • Thank Goodness For Sports and Big Cars
    They Make Tax Day a Little Easier
    Southern Distinction Magazine, May 2013
  • The Value of a Law School Education
    Is it Worth it in Today’s Economy?
    Southern Distinction Magazine, March 2013
  • Meteorologists are Often Wrong.
    But They Are Not Alone.
    Southern Distinction Magazine, January 2013
  • Marriage Is What Brings Us Together Today
    Unless You Are Gay
    Southern Distinction Magazine, November 2012
  • What To Do if You Are in a Car Crash
    Protect Your Rights
    Southern Distinction Magazine, October 2012
  • Maintain Control of your Health Care When you are Ill
    Why Everyone Should Have an Advance Directive for Health Care
    Southern Distinction Magazine, September 2012
  • Everyone Has the Right to Earn a Living.
    Except Our Best Young Athletes.
    Southern Distinction Magazine, August 2012
  • Eyewitness Accounts Of A Crime
    How Accurate Are They?
    Southern Distinction Magazine, July 2012
  • A New Stadium? I’m Drawing a Blank
    My Two Cents on $300 Million
    Southern Distinction Magazine, June 2012
  • You Said, “I Do.”
    But Now You Don’t
    Southern Distinction Magazine, May 2012
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  • Purchasing Automobile Insurance
    Make Smart Decisions
    Southern Distinction Magazine, April 2012
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  • Will You Marry Me?
    …And Sign a Prenup?
    Southern Distinction Magazine, March 2012
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  • Employment Law in Georgia
    What We All Should Know
    Southern Distinction Magazine, February 2012
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  • Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire
    It’s All Fun and Games Until You Lie in Court
    Southern Distinction Magazine, January 2012
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  • Searching For The Right Lawyer
    The Internet Should Not Be Your Only Guide
    Southern Distinction Magazine, December 2011
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  • Legal Malpractice
    You Can Help Avoid It
    Southern Distinction Magazine, November 2011
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  • Georgia Values Personal Freedoms
    Wanna Bet?
    Southern Distinction Magazine, October 2011
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  • Warning, Reading This Magazine Can Give You Paper Cuts
    Keeping Us Safe
    Southern Distinction Magazine, September 2011
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  • Who Can Stand Up To The Government?
    The American Jury
    Southern Distinction Magazine, August 2011
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  • Winning At All Costs
    Is Cheating In Sports A Reflection Of Society?
    Southern Distinction Magazine, July 2011
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  • The McDonald’s Coffee Case
    Are You Thirsty For The Real Story?
    Southern Distinction Magazine, June 2011
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    How The Government Influences Our Behavior
    Southern Distinction Magazine, May 2011
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    A Good Lawyer Must Excel at Both Skills
    Southern Distinction Magazine, April 2011
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    But I Also Want To Hear The Truth
    Southern Distinction Magazine, March 2011
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    Don’t Procrastinate, This Legal Deadline Cannot Be Extended
    Southern Distinction Magazine, February 2011
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  • Clarification Is Needed On Malpractice Law;
    Recent decision helps but creates conundrum on whether to have a written fee contract
    Fulton County Daily Report, January 18, 2011
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    The Challenge Of Proving Causation In A Civil Claim
    Southern Distinction magazine, January 2011
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  • THE CLIENT-LAWYER RELATIONSHIP: Hiring a Lawyer and Navigating The Legal World
    Southern Distinction magazine, December 2010
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  • Protect Yourself, Provide Better Service;
    Preventing Claims Involves More Than Shielding Yourself Behind a Business Structure
    Fulton County Daily Report, November 11, 2010
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  • Boost For Personal Injury Plaintiffs May Create More Risks For Plaintiff’s Laywers
    A discussion of Beneke v. Parker, Georgia Supreme Court case number S08G2078
    Fulton County Daily Report, October 28, 2009
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