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David Lefkowitz is a complete lawyer in every sense of the word. Having known and seen David from several important vantage points, I place him at the top of Georgiaís trial lawyers and professional malpractice lawyers. I have seen Davidís fine work in cases that were tried and handled before me during my near decade tenure on the Fulton County State and Superior courts. With the perfect balance of zeal and finesse, David repeatedly has showcased the unique talent to distill the most complex professional malpractice case to its most understandable elements. Juries and judges are taken with his conversational style and razor sharp command of procedural and substantive law. I had the pleasure of showing my deepest respect and confidence in David when I referred to him a family memberís multi-million dollar legal malpractice matter. A one of a kind, David Lefkowitz is certainly the ďreal dealĒ amongst lawyers in Georgia.

---Hon. M. Gino Brogdon, Judge, Superior Court of Fulton County, Georgia, 2002-2005; Judge, State Court of Fulton County, Georgia, 1996-2002
I had not had many encounters with the legal system at the time I was involved in a suit over a car accident, a few years ago.† The first attorney that represented me was careless, which resulted in my claim to compensation being forfeited.† I was referred to Mr. Lefkowitz when I searched for someone in the field of legal malpractice in an attempt to right that wrong.† David was able to discern the details of the case and he achieved a resolution that was better than I expected.† He is extremely easy to work with, forthcoming with honest information about the case and, clearly, quite good at what he does. My husband and I have turned to him a few times since for referrals on other types of cases, and we have referred a couple of friends to him as well. When you find someone in the field of law whose knowledge, judgment and guidance you can trust, you go back.† If we ever need a lawyer again, we'll call David first.††

--- Martha and George Kent, Canton, Georgia
David Lefkowitz has established himself as one of Georgiaís finest attorneys. His expertise in the area of legal malpractice prevention is especially noteworthy. David is a frequent lecturer on this subject and has shared his knowledge with thousands of Georgia attorneys. †His articles identifying legal malpractice issues and his advice on how to avoid ethical violations have become a benchmark for our profession. †Davidís preeminence in the area of legal malpractice prevention is well recognized. †Each year David plans and presents a seminar dealing with handling professional and ethical dilemmas, which features panels composed of some of Georgiaís finest jurists and attorneys. †David Lefkowitz is a lion of the legal profession. †He is a shining example for his sister and brother attorneys of what being a legal professional really means.

---Stephen Harper, Director of Programs, Institute of Continuing Legal Education in Georgia; Adjunct Professor, University of Georgia
My wife was involved in a rear end collision in 2004. We hired an attorney to handle our case. In 2007 we finally appeared in court, and our case was dismissed by the judge. We had significant medical bills which were unpaid. Our attorney had named the incorrect party and failed to correct the error properly. Needless to say we were very disappointed; so †we began our search for a malpractice attorney, and thatís when we found David Lefkowitz. He was referred to me by a co-worker and what a difference he made in our life, in a very short period of time. David settled our claim promptly and not only achieved a cash settlement, but one higher than we previously discussed. I highly recommend David Lefkowitz as your Attorney. He gets results because he knows the law. †

---Barry Harp
Being a part-time Magistrate Judge, I have kept a very small but selective private law practice. One of my corporate clients (a multi-million dollar company based in Georgia) had a dispute arise between shareholders, corporate officers and creditors. I strongly recommended that the corporate officers retain David Lefkowitz to deal with the various legal, ethical and fiduciary issues which were paramount in the claim. The dispute was litigated in court, and ultimately an excellent result was obtained for my client. In addition to professionally handling the complicated issues involved, David expertly handled the sensitive and volatile personal and emotional issues between the parties. Because of David's competent abilities, I was able to bolster my relationship with my client, and I continue to retain the company as a client to this day. David Lefkowitz is an attorney who practices what he preaches.

---William F. Brogdon, Magistrate Court Judge, Gwinnett County, Georgia
I am the president of a large medical practice, and I have had the opportunity to work with many lawyers over the course of my career. One of the attorneys that represented me on a personal matter drafted a document incorrectly. I was forced to retain a different attorney to represent me in the ensuing litigation. The error proved very costly and my second attorney suggested I meet with David Lefkowitz about pursuing a legal malpractice claim. I was very hesitant to go through with the claim. However Davidís professionalism made the process very easy, and we received an excellent result. I would recommend David without hesitation to anyone needing an objective, honest evaluation of a potential claim and wanting a true expert in his field.

---R.C.Z., M.D., Atlanta, Georgia (name withheld due to confidential nature of settlement)

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